Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 10720 - 10739)

  10720. So it is the second of those reasons?
  (Mr Lawrence) Possibly, yes.

  10721. The other question I want to ask you about is this; a point touched on by my Lord, Lord Brooke. Smithfield Market is located within the City of London, is it not?
  (Mr Lawrence) Yes.

  10722. And, as we know, the City of London is a very vibrant and successful commercial district and is subject to regular redevelopment and development schemes. You are aware of that, are you not?
  (Mr Lawrence) Yes.

  10723. I think it is fair to say that the Smithfield area itself has experienced relatively little large-scale redevelopment in recent years, but that has not been for want of trying, has it, because there is one particular scheme that has been in gestation for some years now, the scheme for the redevelopment of the general market building, promoted by Thornfield Properties.
  (Mr Lawrence) That is correct.

  10724. And that is a scheme which the Market Traders' Association is fully in support of, is it not?
  (Mr Lawrence) Yes.

  10725. And you spoke in support of it at a recent public inquiry and expressed your frustration at the fact it was being held up by the heritage lobby?
  (Mr Lawrence) That is correct.

  10726. Now, that is quite a significant scheme, is it not?
  (Mr Lawrence) That is correct.

  10727. And there is clearly potential for that scheme, when it is being constructed in the event that planning permission is obtained, which is what you hope will happen, for that scheme creating dust and other inevitable disturbances due to major construction works?
  (Mr Lawrence) That is correct.

  10728. But, as we have seen, you actually wholeheartedly support that scheme, do you not?
  (Mr Lawrence) Yes, we do. Would you like the reason?

  10729. No, I am happy with that.

  10730. LORD SNAPE: I should think it is the last thing he wants to hear!
  (Mr Lawrence) The reason we do support this scheme is we are talking about a derelict building, part of which has been empty I think for approximately 12/15 years and the other part has been derelict for the last 30 years, and we do not think it does the market any favours. We fully support the development scheme because we think it will not only enhance Smithfield Market but we are convinced it will enhance the area and will bring more custom to the market, and that is the reason we support the scheme.

  10731. And presumably in making that judgment you have taken the view that the works to construct that scheme can be carried out without causing severe or significant damage to the operation of the market whilst construction is going on?
  (Mr Lawrence) Yes, but when we have discussed it with Thornfield we have undertakings with Thornfield that the market will not be stopped, and I think, if my memory is correct, they are starting at ten o'clock in the morning.

  10732. LORD BROOKE OF ALVETHORPE: Would you be claiming compensation from them in the same way as you are from Crossrail?
  (Mr Lawrence) We have not discussed that.

  10733. Have you that in mind?
  (Mr Lawrence) Yes, we have.

  10734. MR MOULD: But, as things stand, you have been prepared to express your unqualified support for that scheme without securing any special arrangements as regards compensation for loss of trade and business with the developers?
  (Mr Lawrence) That is correct, but we will be discussing that.

  10735. No doubt you will. You have touched on working hours and you said they are going to be starting at ten o'clock in the morning. Are you aware that the core construction hours for Crossrail are between the hours of eight o'clock in the morning and six o'clock in the evening?
  (Mr Lawrence) Yes, I am.

  10736. And I think you said that, insofar as the carcass meat operation is concerned, they tend to finish at about nine in the morning?
  (Mr Lawrence) That is correct.

  10737. Although, in fact, the hours are getting a bit earlier for various reasons that you gave earlier?
  (Mr Lawrence) I think it would be impossible for us to start any earlier than we do now.

  10738. To stop any earlier than you do now?
  (Mr Lawrence) And to stop.

  10739. So on that basis, so far as the carcass meat is concerned, what we are looking at is an overlap between market operations and Crossrail dust-producing operations, if I can put it that way, core construction activity, of about an hour a day? That must follow, must it not?
  (Mr Lawrence) Not really. It would be in the market hours possibly two or three hours a day, and, if the dust is still there when the containers arrive at seven/eight o'clock in the evening, the dust will still be in the air.

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