Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 10800 - 10819)

  10800. MR MOULD: I am going to put up another plan.[18] The traffic is going clockwise around here —

  (Mr Andrade) There is just one way of traffic and everyone would have to go round the perimeter now, whereas before it could go across and up and down. It is constrained now. The traffic flow is frightening.

  10801. We have marked on this plan the parking and loading bays and you can see that there are bays available on each side of the market complex, are there not?
  (Mr Andrade) There are bays available, yes.

  10802. Well, it is something that remains to be done but the Corporation of London are a traffic authority and also your freeholders, are they not?
  (Mr Andrade) Yes.

  10803. One of the things we have agreed as part of the arrangements that are set out in the deed that we were showing the Committee earlier is that Crossrail, the nominated undertaker, the Corporation as traffic management authority and, indeed, your representative organisation, Mr Lawrence, and the Tenants' Association, should get together and should consult and think about arrangements that need to be made to manage the flow of traffic and parking and so forth whilst the Crossrail works are going on, so that the best possible solution to those arrangements can be achieved.
  (Mr Andrade) That would be a very laudable goal; we do try that. You can imagine people trying to get in and out very quickly, it is always a pressure on us. We are very vulnerable, fragile in that respect.

  10804. The only point I am making is that is what we have said we will do. We have said we will have those discussions which will include your association?
  (Mr Andrade) Yes, you have.

  10805. So the opportunity is there?
  (Mr Andrade) There is always scope for discussion, yes.

  10806. LORD BROOKE OF ALVETHORPE: When was that suggestion made?

  10807. MR MOULD: No later than February 2006.

  10808. LORD BROOKE OF ALVETHORPE: So there has been no action on that since?

  10809. MR MOULD: Well, certainly the Corporation and ourselves will have been discussing traffic management measures, but the time for detailed arrangements being set in order to resolve from time to time during the construction phase how traffic should be managed around the market is when we are much clearer as to what the work is going to be. For example, when we are absolutely clear what is going to be happening on the Lindsey Street worksite.

  10810. LORD BROOKE OF ALVETHORPE: But if we can go back to what happened in Spitalfields, where a forum has been established and this Committee was anxious to ensure it was working, and that was in advance of the work taking place, we were making suggestions that there should be a closer relationship with the local public authorities, with the local authority and with the health authorities, and it would seem here in relation to dust and health factors arising, and I have been going very quickly through the expert witness documents, that there is a case for a forum to be established that will deal with all the issues, particularly in relation to health, and I wonder why you have not decided to pull the health authorities into it to try to meet some of the points which have been raised today.

  10811. MR MOULD: I do not think we have decided not to pull all the relevant authorities in: I think so far as we have identified relevant authorities, insofar as dust and environmental controls are concerned that is a matter for the City. They have statutory regulatory powers for dust suppression under Schedule 7 of the Bill. Likewise we have established arrangements for traffic management and liaison with the City Corporation, and we will have fora for liaison more generally which will broadly follow the model of the Spitalfields body along the route. The reason why the Spitalfields one has been advanced rather is because there was so much concern about alleged misinformation in consultation rounds at the time when the House of Commons heard petitioners from Spitalfields petitioning.

  10812. LORD BROOKE OF ALVETHORPE: But there was an understandable concern that the works development then may have an impact on the health of the local population and similarly we are dealing with health issues. We can deal with the parking, yes, nearer the works taking place on a tripartite basis, but I would have thought there might be a case now, would you not agree, that the three parties involved—the City, yourselves and the traders and their representatives—should be talking about the health aspects and taking all steps to mitigate any potential problems that might arise?

  10813. MR MOULD: I do agree, and I hope I am right in saying that the contractual arrangements set out in the draft deed, which reflect assurances given earlier, are intended to enable that to happen. You will, of course, appreciate that this resolves down to the question of dust —


  10815. MR MOULD: — and it is precisely in relation to dust management and monitoring and so forth that we have these detailed arrangements set out in the deed. I see no reason in principle why those discussions should not start tomorrow, if that is something that the Tenants' Association would wish to do.

  10816. LORD BROOKE OF ALVETHORPE: And what is the witness' response to that?
  (Mr Andrade) Who could be against it?

  10817. MR MOULD: I think we are all ferociously agreeing with each other, really! I have no further questions.


  10818. CHAIRMAN: Are the bays in Lindsey Street sealed?

  (Mr Andrade) No, they are just parking bays. Loading bays you could call them.

  10819. So there is no unloading of meat there at all?
  (Mr Andrade) No. There is no ingress of carcass meat from there.

18   Crossrail Ref: P73, Smithfield Market-Location of Parking and Loading Bays (SCN-20080502-034) Back

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