Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 10880 - 10899)

  10880. CHAIRMAN: There is no trigger figure for dust at which the various measures which you put in your deed will come into force?
  (Mr Berryman) As I said earlier, my Lord, my understanding was that the trigger level needs to be agreed with the local authority, who are responsible for those matters.

  10881. I suppose it would have to be agreed to take account of the inspectors and what they are going to require inside the Smithfield Market.
  (Mr Berryman) That is right, my Lord.

  10882. There must be a figure for this.

  10883. MR MOULD: Yes, there must be. I am afraid I do not know what it is offhand.

  10884. CHAIRMAN: I have been trying to get it all morning.

  10885. MR MOULD: We will try and get you a note on that early next week.

  10886. CHAIRMAN: Anyway, you do not know it?

  10887. MR MOULD: My Lord, I do not know it offhand, I am afraid.

  10888. CHAIRMAN: Thank you very much. We are in the parties' hand. It is on the dot of 1pm. There has been a certain ambition that we should not have to come back this afternoon, but I seriously doubt whether we will get through the remaining business in half an hour.

  10889. MR MOULD: I think you may be right. What I have provided for you, and I have circulated, is a comprehensive written note of my closing submission.

  10890. CHAIRMAN: I have cast an eye over it and it raises what I would have thought were some fairly controversial points. I think Mr Dingemans is nodding. I preface this, I do not think that the Committee is very much inclined to recommend a clause being put in the Bill. This whole matter has been in the hands of the Law Commission. They have made recommendations and according to what you say, they are very much along the lines of the market traders, but the Government has done nothing about it. This is plainly a matter for general public legislation and to put a clause in the Bill for one particular party to the Crossrail Bill procedure seems to me an unlikely prospect, it would have to be introduced by the Department and I should not think they would do it.

  10891. MR MOULD: I think that is fair.

  10892. CHAIRMAN: Whether you have got any instructions on this or have you?

  10893. MR MOULD: Having glanced at my note, you will see that that is essentially the burden of our position on the substance of the issue between us. It would not only be a matter which would be of great interest to the Department for Transport, but obviously it would be of great interest to the Department for Communities and Local Government who are parly overseeing the land compensation legislation.

  10894. CHAIRMAN: It is very wide ranging and to introduce it as a single clause in this Bill seems to me to be an unlikely method of making progress.

  10895. MR MOULD: That would be our position, yes.

  10896. CHAIRMAN: We are back to the wording of the deed.

  10897. MR MOULD: Yes.

  10898. CHAIRMAN: On that, I suspect there will be a certain amount of argument.

  10899. MR MOULD: Yes, it is whether you think there is such an exceptional case.

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