Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 12680 - 12699)

  12680. MS LIEVEN: Yes. That has certainly been their principal concern in the past, although it is fair to say their Petition raises many other issues. So I think that is their principal concern. I understand we have not yet reached agreement with the Royal Docks Management Authority, although we are also optimistic that we will do so. The Port of London, I assume, will not come, on the basis of my knowledge of what the issues are. I think it is just a question of signing off the agreement on that one. I am also assuming that Landor will not come. So we definitely have the Coalition and the Residents' Association of Mayfair. Mr Walters is closely associated with the Residents' Association of Mayfair, and then we have two, possibly three, commercial Petitioners, who probably will not come, but we cannot—

  12681. CHAIRMAN: And the remains of Spitalfields.

  12682. MS LIEVEN: I think the remainder of Spitalfields is the Coalition. Landor are definitely not coming, I am told.

  12683. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH: My Lord Chairman, can I make what I hope is a helpful suggestion with regard to the point I raised with you earlier? I do not want to delay the proceedings today but might I propose what may be the least possible problem while still dealing with what I think is a potentially very important issue?

  12684. CHAIRMAN: I think Lord James has come upon something that you ought to know about.

  12685. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH: I was going to offer the possibility that if Mr Berryman plus a lawyer could stay behind I would be prepared to talk them through it now, so that they could read into the record tomorrow anything they want to say about it and have had the night to think about it. I do not want them coming cold to it tomorrow.

  12686. MS LIEVEN: My Lords, we are perfectly prepared to do that, if that is what the Committee wishes to do.

  12687. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH: I am very amenable; if any Members of the Committee want to stay they are very welcome.

  12688. CHAIRMAN: Do you want to say what it is about?

  12689. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH: The report I have received of deposits of anthrax in the ground on the route of the tunnel.

  12690. MS LIEVEN: I am sure if your Lordship raises that with Mr Berryman, Mr Mould and I will stay, and I am sure we can deal with it.

  12691. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH: On the grounds that anthrax does not die in the ground.

  12692. MS LIEVEN: I am aware of it, my Lord; it was an issue that came up at King's Cross on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

  12693. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH: Thank you.

  12694. MR MOULD: I believe your Lordships would welcome, at some convenient moment, a brief account of the settlement that we have now been able to reach with the Smithfield Market Tenants.

  12695. CHAIRMAN: I think we would be very interested.

  12696. MR MOULD: Would you like me to deal with that tomorrow morning, or now? I am in your hands.

  12697. CHAIRMAN: We can do it now.

  12698. MR MOULD: I can be very brief. My Lord, the position, as you recall, that we reached on Friday was that the market traders were looking for a separate undertaking in relation to compensation issues. We have agreed the terms of a separate compensation undertaking, and essentially it provides for the following: firstly, where market tenants have a valid claim for compensation for injurious affection under section 10 of the Compulsory Purchase Act 1965, the measure of that compensation will include not only the diminution in value of their leases but, also, consequential loss of trading profit resulting from that injurious affection. That is the general position which was agreed between us at the start of the hearing on Friday.

  12699. What we have also agreed now is that in the unlikely event that dust from the Crossrail works contaminates market tenants' and traders' meat and leads to its condemnation by environmental health officers, then the tenants' loss arising from that will be compensated.

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