Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 12700 - 12704)

  12700. CHAIRMAN: I see.

  12701. MR MOULD: The final point: in the unlikely event that Crossrail removes loading bays on the market side of Lindsey Street (that is the western side of Lindsey Street) and traders thereby sustain losses, those losses will be compensated. I should just add, finally, that in deference to my Lady, Lady Fookes' point, that undertaking, effectively, if it arises at all, will only arise if we do not build the revised scheme, which is, in itself, as you know, a very unlikely state of affairs. The reason I say that is because we have carried into the main legal undertaking the point that as regards the revised scheme those loading bays on the market side of Lindsey Street will be maintained throughout the duration of the Crossrail works, which I think was a point which my Lady asked me to confirm. That is the substance of what we have now agreed.

  12702. CHAIRMAN: That is going into an undertaking?

  12703. MR MOULD: That is in an undertaking, and the market tenants are content that they do not need to appear further before your Lordships.

  12704. CHAIRMAN: Thank you very much, Mr Mould. We will adjourn until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning.

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