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The following witnesses gave evidence. Those marked * gave oral evidence.
*Professor AbuBakr Bahaj, Southampton University
  Mr Andrew Bain
  Ms Carolyn Barker
  Mr Derek Birkett
  Bishopton Village Hall Management Committee
  Mr Philip Bratby
*Professor Tony Bridgwater, Aston University
  British Energy
  British Hydropower Association
*British Wind Energy Association
  Campaign for Responsible Energy and Development in Tynedale
  Campaign to Protect Rural England, Devon
  Campaign to Protect Rural England, Durham
  Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA)
  Maureen and Peter Caswell
  Christofferson Robb and Company
*Climate Change Capital
  Jane and Julian Davis
*Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform: Malcolm Wicks, a Member of the House of Commons, Minister of State for Energy, Mr Simon Virley, Head of the Renewable Energy and Innovation Unit, and Ms Tera Allas, Chief Economist Energy Group
  EDF Energy
*Professor Paul Ekins, King's College London
  Energy Networks Association
*Energy Technologies Institute
  Energy Technology for Sustainable Development Group
  Environmental Defense Fund
  Environmental Industries Commission
  Environmental Research Institute
  Dr John Etherington
*Falck Renewables Limited
  Mrs Barbara J Frey
*Friends of the Earth
  Genersys plc
  Mr Colin Gibson
  Christiane Golling and Marco Nicolosi, Institute of Energy Economics, Cologne
  Grünhaus Project, Liverpool
  Mr Peter Hadden
  J.H.R. Hampson
*Professor Dieter Helm, Oxford University
  Highlands Against Wind Farms
  Highlands Before Pylons
  Rear Admiral Robin Hogg and Professor Leslie Bradbury
  Mr Robert Horler
  House of Bishops' Europe Panel, Church of England
  W.J. Hyde
  Institute of Physics
  Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
  Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  International Energy Agency
  Mrs Delia Jack
  Professor Michael Jefferson
  Professor Nick Jelley
  John Muir Trust
*Mr Malcolm Keay, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
  Mr Neil Kermode
  Professor Michael Laughton
  Lawrence Graham LLP
  Dr and Mrs J Lyne
  Dr Rayner Mayer and Dr Roger Bentley
  Sir Donald Miller
  Mynydd Llansadrwn Action Group
*National Grid
  Natural England
  Mr Michael Negus
*Dr Karsten Neuhoff, University of Cambridge
*Professor David Newbery, Cambridge University
  Mrs N Penk, Mr C Penk and Mr DPC Penk, Pitfield Farm
  Richard Phillips
  Renewable Energy Association
*Renewable Energy Foundation
  Renewable Energy Finance-Policy Project, Chatham House
  RES UK & Ireland Ltd
  Research Councils UK (RCUK)
  Royal Academy of Engineering
  Royal Society of Edinburgh
  Scientists for Global Responsibility
*Scottish and Southern Energy plc
  Scottish Power Ltd
  Scottish Sustainable Energy Foundation
  Mr Alan L. Shaw
*Shell UK
  Professor Peter Smith
  Mr Paul Spare
*Dr Neil Strachan, King's College London
  Town and Country Planning Association
  Two Moors Campaign
Dr Simon Watson, Loughborough University
  Revd John Wylum

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