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Supplementary memorandum by Mr Derek Birkett

  As part of my submission for the Call for Evidence into the Economics of Renewable Energy I would wish to include the following addendum:

    6A.  An alternative fast acting response can be obtained from demand management. However, this option is not straightforward and could only present a limited solution. Aside from industrial use, any commercial/domestic load demand is largely constrained to water and space heating on dedicated circuits. In summer conditions this response would be minimal at the very time when the Grid system would be most vulnerable to problems of intermittence. There needs to be incentive with both tariff and installation measures, administered by distribution utilities and whose costs would be correctly categorised as balancing services for the national Grid, eventually to be borne by the consumer.

    11A.  Recent enquiry into planned reactor size has established an electrical power output of approximately 1600MW for new construction. This compares to the existing single example of Sizewell with power output of 1320MW. I believe system design currently accepts 1250MW for any single loss event.

  I would be grateful if this clarification could be included with my submission.

13 June 2008

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