Correspondence with Ministers October 2006 to April 2007 - European Union Committee Contents

SAFER USE OF THE INTERNET (14933/06, 14937/06)

Letter from the Chairman to Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP, Minister of State for Industry and the Regions, Department of Trade and Industry

  Sub-Committee B considered these documents, and your Explanatory Memorandum, at its meeting of 29 January 2007.

  As we noted in our recent inquiry into the Commission's proposed Audiovisual Media Services Directive, the protection of minors from harmful and illegal content online has a continued and growing importance. As a consequence we share your support for these schemes. We are aware of the excellent results achieved in the UK by the Internet Watch Foundation and share your support of the extension of such self- and co-regulated schemes at a European level.

  We are however concerned at the poor level of awareness of the hotlines and "awareness nodes" detected by these evaluations; given the fundamental importance awareness holds. We would be grateful if you could indicate to us which specific educational initiatives the Government will recommend to the Commission.

  We are content to lift scrutiny at this stage.

2 February 2007

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