Arrangement of Clauses (Contents)

London Local Authorities and Transport for London (No. 2) Bill



Part 1


1Citation and commencement
3Appointed day

Part 2

Items deposited on the highway

4Application of Part 2
5Meaning of "authorised officer"
6Meaning of "specified item"
7Removal of items deposited on highways
8Notice to be given or displayed
9Disposal of objects removed by highway authority
11Disposal orders
13Service of notices
14Amendment of the 2003 Act

Part 3

Highways: miscellaneous

15Attachment of street lamps and signs to buildings
16Service of notices under section 15
17Damage to highways in consequence of adjacent works

Part 4

Builders' Skips

18Interpretation of Part 4
19Identifying the "owner" of a builder's skip
20Builders' skips: penalty charge provisions
21Builders' skips: requirements as to lighting and covering
22Builders' skips: provision of lighting and covering by highway authority
23Builders' skips: immobilisation devices
24Release of immobilised skips
25Appeals in relation to immobilisation

Part 5

Road Traffic

26Recovery of exceptional traffic management and waste clearance costs
27Recovery of costs: appeals
28Advanced stopping areas for cyclists: general
29Advanced stopping areas for cyclists: 2003 Act
30Advanced stopping areas for cyclists: 2004 Act
31Gated roads
32Cycling on the footway: variation of fixed penalty levels
33Fixed penalties: reserve powers of Secretary of State

Part 6

Charging Points for Electric Vehicles

35Charging points for electric vehicles
36Notices to be given before exercise of powers under section 35
37Duties to consult or obtain consent of other authorities
38Failure to comply with terms of permission
39Offence of unlawful use of charging point

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Prepared 1 December 2007