Arrangement of Clauses (Contents)

London Local Authorities Bill



Part 1


1Citation, commencement and extent
2General interpretation
3Appointed day

Part 2

Penalty Charges

4Penalty charges for littering and dog related activities
5Powers exercisable by police civilians and accredited persons
6Power to require name and address

Part 3

Public Health, Environmental Protection and Highways

7Street litter control notices
8Charges for public toilets and use of turnstiles
9Charges for permitting the use of objects, etc. on the highway
10Display of food hygiene documents

Part 4

Houses In Multiple Occupation: Management Notices

11Interpretation of Part 4
12Power to require remedial action to remedy a failure to comply with management duties
13Contents of management notices
14Operation of management notices
15Appeal against notice under section 12
16Taking of remedial action by local housing authority and recovery of expenses
17Effect of management notices as local land charges
18Savings for rights arising from breach of covenant etc.
19Effect of other enforcement and management orders under the 2004 Act and redevelopment proposals
20Application of provisions of the 2004 Act to management notices

Part 5

Housing: Powers of Entry, etc.

21Housing Act 2004: powers of entry
22Housing Act 2004: authorisation for enforcement purposes, etc.

Part 6



23Licensing Act 2003 applications: regulated entertainment involving nudity, etc.
24Amendment of City of Westminster Act 1996
25Management of street markets
26Street trading: vehicles and the internet

City of Westminster Act 1999

27Street trading in the City of Westminster
28Minor and consequential amendments
29Keeling Schedule

Street trading in the London Borough of Camden

30Interpretation of Camden provisions
31Seizure of certain objects
32Seizure: notices
33Disposal of seized objects by Council

Part 7

Miscellaneous and Supplemental

34Minor amendments to London Local Authorities Act 2007, etc.
35Obstruction of authorised officer
36Proof of resolution
37Liability of directors, etc.

Schedule 1—Penalty charge provisions
Schedule 2—Appeals relating to management notices
Schedule 3—Taking of remedial action and recovery of expenses incurred by local housing authority
Schedule 4—Minor and consequential amendments to City of Westminster Act 1999
Schedule 5—City of Westminster Act 1999 (c.i) as having effect as amended by section 20(2) of the London Local Authorities Act 2004 (c.iii), Chapter 2 of Part 3 of the London Local Authorities Act 2007 (c.ii) and this Act

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© Parliamentary copyright 2007
Prepared 4 December 2007