Responses to the Speaker's Conference (on Parliamentary Representation): Final Report of Session 2009-10 - Speaker's Conference (on Parliamentary Representation) Contents

First Special Report

The Speaker's Conference (on Parliamentary Representation) published interim reports on 15 July 2009 and 25 November 2009, and its Final Report on 11 January 2010. A response from the Senior Salaries Review Body was received in the form of a memorandum dated 4 March 2010. A response from the Director of Facilities, House of Lords was received in the form of a memorandum dated 5 March 2010. Responses from the House of Commons Management Board, the Labour Party, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats were received in the form of memoranda dated 8 March 2010. They are published as Appendices to this report, together with letters from the Government Equalities Office, dated 5 March 2010 and the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, dated 8 March 2010.

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Prepared 10 March 2010