Select Committee on Defence Ninth Report

Annex A: List of abbreviations

ACO           Allied Command Operations, Mons, Belgium

ACT   Allied Command Transformation

AFNORTH  Allied Forces North

ANA  Afghan National Army

AU  African Union

BG  Battle Group

C4ISTAR  Command Control Communication and Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance

CBRN          Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear

CCC          Capabilities Commitment Conference

CDP          Capability Development Plan

CENTO        Central Treaty Organisation

CER          Centre for European Reform

CFSP          Common Foreign and Security Policy

CJSOR          Combined Joint Statement of Responsibilities

COMISAF  Commander, International Security Assistance Force

CPG          Comprehensive Political Guidance

CSDP          Common Security and Defence Policy

DCI          Defence Capabilities Initiative

DfID          Department for International Development (UK)

DSACEUR        Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe

ECAP          European Capabilities Action Plan

EDA          European Defence Agency

ERRF          European Rapid Reaction Force

ESDI          European Security and Defence Identity

ESDP          European Security and Defence Policy

ESS          European Security Strategy

EU          European Union

EUMC          European Union Military Committee

EUMS          European Union Military Staff

FCO          Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK)

GDP          Gross Domestic Product

HG 2010        Headline Goal 2010

HHG          Helsinki Headline Goal

IFOR          Implementation Force (NATO Force in Bosnia)

IISS          International Institute for Strategic Studies

ISAF          International Security Assistance Force

KFOR          Kosovo Force

MAP          Membership Action Plan

MoD          Ministry of Defence (UK)

NAC          North Atlantic Council

NATO          North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

NEC          Network Enabled Capability

NGO          Non-Governmental Organisation

NRF          NATO Response Force

NTM-I          NATO Training Mission—Iraq

OCCAR  Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d'Armement

OEF  Operation Enduring Freedom (US-led mission in Afghanistan)

OSCE  Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe

PCC          Prague Capabilities Commitment

PfP          Partnership for Peace

PRT          Provincial Reconstruction Team

PSC          Permanent Structured Cooperation

QMV          Qualified Majority Voting

RUSI          Royal United Services Institute

SACEUR        Supreme Allied Commander Europe

SEATO        South East Asia Treaty Organisation

SFOR          Stabilisation Force (NATO Force in Bosnia)

SHAPE          Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe

UN          United Nations

UNSC          United Nations Security Council

UNSCR        United Nations Security Council Resolution

WEU          Western European Union

WMD          Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Prepared 20 March 2008