Scrutiny of Arms Exports (2012): UK Strategic Export Controls Annual Report 2010, Quarterly Reports for July to December 2010 and January to September 2011, the Government's Review of arms exports to the Middle East and North Africa, and control issues - Business, Innovation and Skills Committee Contents

Annex 1: The Committees' quarterly licence questions and the Government answers (2010 Q3 & 4, 2011 Q1, Q2, & Q3)

Following the quarterly publication of the list of licence approvals, refusals and appeals by the Export Control Organisation (ECO) within the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills the Committees have compiled a series of questions to obtain more information about the licences approved, rejected or appealed.

Following discussions between the Committees and Government Departments in 2011 it was agreed that the Committees would publish the Committees' questions and the Government's non-classified answers as from Q3 2010. These are reproduced below.

Note: The Committees' questions are in normal type and the Government's answers are in bold italic type.

OIEL: Open Individual Export Licence; SIEL: Standard Individual Export Licence; OITCL: Open Individual Trade Control Export Licence; SITCL: Standard Individual Trade Control Export Licence

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