Tackling violence against aid workers Contents



1 Introduction

Our inquiry

2 Aid under attack


Definitions and sources of data

The changing nature of humanitarian crises

Attacks on aid and health care

Attacks on aid workers and operations

Attacks on health care

Sexual violence

Targeting of humanitarian workers

Perpetrators of attacks

Impact of attacks on humanitarian operations

Denials of humanitarian access

3 Shielding aid from violence

Security risk management in the aid sector

The relevance of safety and security risk management to the Department for International Development (DFID)

Duty of care in the humanitarian sector

Inclusive security risk management

Specialist risk management organisations

Strategies to counter threats to humanitarian workers and operations

UK Government policy to support aid worker security

‘Safety first’

UK government’s Humanitarian Reform Policy

DFID’s Due Diligence Framework

DFID funding and support to humanitarian sector security capabilities

International law and humanitarian assistance

The protections afforded under international humanitarian law

Dealing with transgressions of International Humanitarian Law

The UK Aid Strategy and the politicisation of aid

The potential impact of the politicisation of aid

The 2015 UK Aid Strategy

Conclusions and recommendations

Key conclusions and recommendation

Interim recommendations

Formal minutes


List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 6 August 2019