UK arms exports during 2016 Contents



1 Introduction

2 Ministerial evidence

Conclusions and recommendations

3 The licensing regime

Background to licensing

Types of licence

Shift from standard to open licences

Compliance audits


End-use monitoring

Licensing cryptographic items

Conclusions and recommendations

4 Processing of licence applications

Role of the Export Control Joint Unit

Online licence application system

Processing of Open Individual Export Licences

Conclusions and recommendations

5 Application of the Consolidated Criteria

Consolidated Criteria

Involvement of the Department for International Development

Objectivity of the licensing process

Proposed presumptions of denial

Non-signatories of the Arms Trade Treaty

“Human Rights Priority Countries”

Conclusions and recommendations

6 Reporting and transparency

Regular reporting by the Government

Strategic Export Controls Database

Additional data provided to the Committees on Arms Export Controls

Reporting on open licences

Interface with Customs information systems

Conclusions and recommendations

7 The Arms Trade Treaty

Encouraging signature of the Treaty

Reporting-obligations under the Treaty

Conclusions and recommendations

8 Brexit


Proposed recast of the EU Dual-Use Regulation

Transitioning from intra-EU export-control arrangements

Post-Brexit legal continuity

Post-Brexit UK-EU regulatory alignment

Post-Brexit continuity in UK-EU cooperation

Technical Note on Consultation and Cooperation on External Security

Conclusions and recommendations

9 Brokering


Proposed pre-licensing register of brokers

“Fit and proper person” vetting

“Brass-plate” companies

Operation of Trade Control Licences

Conclusions and recommendations

10 Extra-territoriality

Conclusions and recommendations

11 Corruption

Extent of corruption

Bribery Act 2010

Proposed new Criterion

Conclusions and recommendations

Conclusions and recommendations

Annex: Reports of the Quadripartite Committee / Committees on Arms Export Controls

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

Published: 18 July 2018