Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 5100 - 5119)

  5100. CHAIRMAN: There is another different question.

  5101. MS JORDAN: My question is whether you have ever done an alignment analysis of the Whitechapel Station parallel and under Whitechapel Road.

   (Mr Berryman) No, we never have done—mainly because we could not identify sites for the extensive surface works which are needed at each end of the station. As will become clear later, when we discuss other stations in the process, there are substantial sites needed at each end of the station. The two sites which I have identified here, Essex Wharf and the car park at Sainsbury's, were the only available sites at the time. Clearly, going south of them would be quite difficult, with the hospital being developed, and the space between Whitechapel Road and the existing underground line would be insufficient to get the kind of structures that we need in there. That was established by reconnaissance rather than necessarily by a book kind of study which you may see in other areas.

  5102. CHAIRMAN: Do you have anything else?

  5103. MS JORDAN: We know that we are talking real time, at this moment in time, and one of the things I would like to point out to Mr Berryman is that the post office site and the site behind it are available and would make an ideal site for putting this through. They are entirely outside any residential area. His Mott MacDonald reports tell us that the alignment on Whitechapel is a considerably better alignment than his northern one.
  (Mr Berryman) Mott MacDonald reports have never said any such thing. There was a report prepared by the safeguarding team of London Underground in 2001. I ought to mention that that was at the stage before the Deputy Prime Minister had given approval for the project to go ahead. It was done, if you like, on spec by that safeguarding team, who said there was a potential alignment. They were only looking at tunnel alignment issues—because they are tunnelling engineers, as was mentioned by Mr Schabas—and they said there was a possible curve out of Liverpool Street. This is the famous alignment B.[24] I do not recall them saying that that was better or worse than any other alignment and certainly Mott MacDonald has never been engaged in a study that says that.

  5104. MS JORDAN: The Mott MacDonald report which I believe was the final report on the route alignment—I think it was November 2002—did say there would be a double curve into the station. You at that stage had a northern route—in fact your adopted route—which had spoil tunnels up to Pedley Street and major worksites up there.

  5105. CHAIRMAN: Ms Jordan, I think it would be much better if we dealt with 2008.

  5106. MS JORDAN: In fact it was 2002.

  5107. CHAIRMAN: That is why I want to get up-to-date.

  5108. MS JORDAN: Okay. We have no Pedley Street site, we have no worksite up there and we have a straight alignment out of Liverpool Street into Whitechapel.

  5109. CHAIRMAN: Are you talking about a realignment of the tunnels?

  5110. MS JORDAN: I am indeed.

  5111. CHAIRMAN: Are you?

  5112. MS JORDAN: Yes, I am indeed. I am talking about route alignment.

  5113. CHAIRMAN: It is a pity you did not hear what I had to say about this this morning. There is nothing that we can do about it. We are precluded from making any such recommendation. I am sorry, but it is a complete waste of time talking about it.

  5114. MS JORDAN: Well, it may be a waste of time talking but I like Annetta am an architect and a designer and I believe in reality, and it is a real shame that words have to be taken instead of the reality of engineering.

  5115. CHAIRMAN: It is not a matter of words. It is a matter of procedures, and had you been here this morning you would heard what I had to say.

  5116. MS JORDAN: I was here this morning, sir. I was sat here trying to—

  5117. CHAIRMAN: I explained why it is that we cannot do anything about it, and I am afraid I cannot go beyond that. I am not sure that I am going to have any more interventions.

  5118. MS JORDAN: Okay, okay.

  5119. CHAIRMAN: All right, from you because you are a Petitioner.

24   Committee Ref: A28, CrossRail Eastern Portal-Bow Triangle Option, CrossRail Tunnel Alignments between Liverpool Street and Bow Triangle (SCN-20080313-014) Back

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