Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 12580 - 12599)

  12580. LORD BROOKE OF ALVERTHORPE: Can I ask one question on access to the park at night? You say that coaches go in there when there are pop concerts, and so on.

  12581. MR PAYNE: Yes, they do.

  12582. LORD BROOKE OF ALVERTHORPE: So when do they stop them going in?

  12583. MR PAYNE: At the moment when there is a large event going on in Park Lane, several days before the concert they close North Carriage Drive—and it is just full of lorries and coaches and everything delivering bits to that area. Then North Carriage Drive is closed for the whole time and it is used as a service point for various large vehicles coming in and servicing the concert. Then you have the series of concerts and then afterwards they have all the taking it apart going on; lorries dismembering it and going in and out.

  12584. CHAIRMAN: Mr Payne, have you any other witnesses?

  12585. MR PAYNE: Only this question about Mr Potell, who evidently—

  12586. CHAIRMAN: Is he here?

  12587. MR PAYNE: He is not here, my Lord.

  12588. CHAIRMAN: In that case you have no other witnesses. Is that right?

  12589. CHAIRMAN: I have no other witnesses.

MR KEITH BERRYMAN, recalled Examined by MR MOULD

  12590. MR MOULD: Mr Berryman, we have the cross-section in front of us.[31] I would like you, please, if you would, to tell the Committee, first of all, the dimensions of the Crossrail tunnel which we see in cross-section both westbound and eastbound on the plan before us?

  (Mr Berryman) The internal diameter of the tunnel is 6 metres, my Lord. The lining of the tunnel is 300 millimetres thick, which means that the diameter, the extrados, of the lining is 6.6 metres, and then there is a layer of grout where the tunnel-boring machine has passed over the outside of the lining, which is about another, at the most, 200 millimetres thick. So it gives a total diameter of 6.8 metres, to the extrados of the whole structure. The point about compensation grouting is that the grouting that is being referred to here is not compensation grouting; that is a different matter; that would not be used on this site where the tunnels are being driven by machine, and in very competent London Clay. If you were choosing the best location in the world to dig a tunnel of this sort, you would not go far wrong if you chose this location.

  12591. This plan has been prepared in order to inform the Committee in relation to Mr Payne's Petition. Is that right?

   (Mr Berryman) That is correct.

  12592. Can you help the Committee with whether, in your judgment, this is an accurate plan, insofar as the dimensions shown on it are concerned?

   (Mr Berryman) This is an accurate plan. I have just checked with the sections deposited with Parliament as to the accuracy of the dimensions, and it is correct.

  12593. Allowing for limits of deviation, both horizontal and vertical, Mr Berryman, is there any prospect whatsoever that upon construction either the westbound running tunnel or the eastbound running tunnel in this location will be at a level which is less than 15 metres below the basement of Mr Payne's property?

   (Mr Berryman) There is no possibility of that. The limits of deviation would only allow us to lift the tunnels by a maximum of 3 metres, but in this location, because they are close to the Central Line tunnels and pass beneath the Central Line tunnels, there is no possibility of raising the tunnels at all. So this will be the—

  12594. CHAIRMAN: It is 23.7 metres, is it?

   (Mr Berryman) That is to the crown of the tunnel from the bottom of the basement, my Lord.

  12595. MR MOULD: The other vertical dimension shown, I think, is to the track.

   (Mr Berryman) That is correct.

  12596. BARONESS FOOKES: Noise emanates from the train on rail, does it not, which is at the bottom of the tunnel?

   (Mr Berryman) That is correct, my Lady, although we are talking here about groundborne noise and I do not want to stray into Mr Thornely-Taylor's issue.

  12597. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH: Mr Mould, because of the very complex nature of this discussion and the confusions we have, it would be hugely helpful if you and Mr Berryman between you could just establish the points of difference with the figures that Mr Winbourne gave us and describe where there is a variant between what Mr Berryman is saying and what Mr Winbourne gave us and why.

   (Mr Berryman) May I respond to that, Mr Mould?

  12598. MR MOULD: That would be helpful.

   (Mr Berryman) Mr Winbourne was relying on the documents prepared for the Private Member's Bill, which was deposited in 1992, at which point I understand the design was proposed to take the Crossrail tunnels over the Central Line. We decided not to do that because there is also a sewer known as the middle level sewer number one, and the clearance between that and the Central Lines is very tight.

  12599. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH: That is very helpful. Would you continue to note such differences as you go on?

   (Mr Berryman) Indeed.

31   Committee Ref: A67, 25-28 Hyde Park Gardens (including 22 Stanhope Terrace), Section A-A Details (SCN-20080507-022) Back

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