Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 12600 - 12619)

  12600. MR MOULD: Mr Berryman, I think those are the points I wanted to ask you about in relation to the depth of the tunnel and its dimensions. If we turn to the Hyde Park shaft, Mr Payne and Mr Winbourne raised the spectre of substantial traffic delays in the vicinity of Victoria Gate. Can you please comment on that as a prospect?

   (Mr Berryman) Yes. Victoria Gate is just off this plan—it is about there, where I am indicating with the pointer. We do not intend to use Victoria Gate at all for lorry access to this site; that will, instead, come from Marble Arch, which is up here, and we will use the North Carriage Drive as a two-way road to provide that access.

  12601. There was a suggestion that it would be necessary to provide some sort of ghost platform for emergency access purposes at this location. Can you help the Committee: is a walkway part of the standard design for the Crossrail running tunnels?

   (Mr Berryman) That is right. On all the running tunnels there is a walkway provided at, roughly, floor height of the carriages, so that when the trains are being evacuated, in the event of a breakdown or some other emergency, people can just walk out of the door and along the walkway. There are management issues around that, of course, but that is the principle of it. Those walkways are always on the inside of the tunnels. In other words, where two tunnels are running parallel to each other the walkways are on the side which is closer to the other tunnel. What we will have at this shaft is a vertical shaft down here with a passageway going across that walkway on this side and a passageway going across the walkway on the other side. That is the sum total of the works at this shaft.

  12602. The final question I want to ask you about is this: there was reference to a site in relation to the Jubilee Line Extension. I think it was at Warlands Grove. Do you recall that?

   (Mr Berryman) I do recall that.

  12603. Can you just shed any light on that for the Committee, from the information you have?

   (Mr Berryman) I have not been able to. I contacted one of my staff who actually worked on that project and was responsible for ground movement measurement. The only movement that he was aware of was at a location close to Waterloo Station where they had difficulty with compensation grouting, but that was in an area which was not machine-driven tunnel—it was sprayed concrete lining—and they had some problems with the compensation grouting there. That was the only instance that he was aware of—and he is a senior geologist—where any significant settlement occurred on the Jubilee Line.

  12604. LORD BROOKE OF ALVERTHORPE: I have a question again. I have a bee in my bonnet, as you are aware, from the questioning yesterday and now that the Petitioner has raised this issue again, about the Hyde Park shaft and the need for the underground passage running from the road from Bayswater through to it. I would like to know the cost of putting that in, if it is readily available.

   (Mr Berryman) Half-a-million-ish.

  12605. I am just wondering, in the light of what was said yesterday and the further representations which have been made today, whether there is not any possibility whatsoever of reflecting on whether or not the administrative machine could not be moved to avoid having to put that additional passageway in.

   (Mr Berryman) My Lord, the difficulty is that you have to have some kind of entrance structure to get into the shaft, wherever you put it, and it is extremely difficult to agree with the Royal Parks any kind of structure at all which is in the middle of the park, so to speak. The reason that we have gone for this location here is because we can landscape it by moving the existing, I think they are, wrought iron fences around there in a manner which makes it look as if it is part of the park, if you see what I mean. To have a structure just in the middle of an open area would be very difficult, but I am quite happy to go back to Royal Parks and talk to them about it and see if we can come up with some kind of arrangement which is cheaper.

  12606. CHAIRMAN: This one is in this Bill, it is 1.13.

   (Mr Berryman) It is, my Lord.

  12607. MR MOULD: Those are all my questions.

  12608. CHAIRMAN: Now, Mr Payne, it is your chance to ask Mr Berryman some questions.

Cross-examined by MR PAYNE

  12609. MR PAYNE: I really stick by my expert witness's measurements as per his unchallenged evidence in the House of Commons and my superimposed diagram, and obviously this is where we beg to differ.

   (Mr Berryman) We do not beg to differ, Mr Payne. The fact of the matter is the Bill allows us to build the line at a certain level and that line will give a clearance of 23 and a bit metres below your house. There is no begging to differ involved. I am telling you where the alignment goes and that is the end of the story.

  12610. CHAIRMAN: Are you challenging the fact that the Mott MacDonald drawings that you showed us come from a different scheme?

  12611. MR PAYNE: I am saying that putting in the other factors like the composition grouting and their measurements—

  12612. CHAIRMAN: Mott MacDonald drawings with measurements.

  12613. MR PAYNE: Where they put their base level and their ground level are all very different.

  12614. CHAIRMAN: Are they from a different scheme?

  12615. MR PAYNE: They are very similar, are they not?

  12616. CHAIRMAN: Are they from a different scheme?

  12617. MR PAYNE: They are from the Crossrail scheme.

  12618. CHAIRMAN: In that case, you had better put it to Mr Berryman that these come from the Crossrail scheme.

  12619. MR MOULD: The document that Mr Winbourne had coloured in which you have shown on the screen is I think an extract from one of our assessment reports but the dimensions shown on that are in terms of vertical depth of the running tunnels from the surface.[32]

32   Committee Ref: A67, 25-28 Hyde Park Gardens (including 22 Stanhope Terrace), Section A-A Details (SCN-20080507-022) Back

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