European Union Committee
Brexit: devolution

4th Report of Session 2017-19 - published 19 July 2017 - HL Paper 9



Chapter 1: Introduction


Table 1: Breakdown of referendum result by constituent parts of the UK

This report

Chapter 2: Devolution, the UK and the EU

The devolution settlements: general principles


Chapter 3: Northern Ireland

The political context

Brexit: UK-Irish relations report

The impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland

Reflecting Northern Ireland’s interests

Northern Ireland’s input into the process

Northern Ireland and the Brexit negotiations


Chapter 4: Wales

The political context

Wales and the Single Market

The Welsh farming and manufacturing sectors

Access to EU labour

EU funding

Reflecting Wales’ interests


Chapter 5: Scotland

The political context

Scottish independence and EU membership

The Scottish Government’s proposal for “a differentiated solution for Scotland”

The UK Government’s response

Scotland and the Single Market

The case for different arrangements

Access to EU labour

The Scottish agricultural sector

Other issues


Chapter 6: A new devolution settlement?

The impact of Brexit upon devolved competences

EU competences that already fall to the devolved legislatures

Replacement of EU funding

Figure 1: Distribution of ESI funding across the UK, 2014–2020

Figure 2: Distribution of direct payments (pillar 1) under the Common Agricultural Policy 2013 compared to share of UK population

New devolved competences?

Conclusions and recommendations

The need for coordination and partnership

Legislating for Brexit: legislative consent

Capacity in the devolved institutions


Conclusions and recommendations

Chapter 7: Engagement with the devolved institutions

The Joint Ministerial Committee

Interparliamentary dialogue


Summary of conclusions and recommendations

Appendix 1: List of Members and declarations of interest

Appendix 2: List of witnesses

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