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Here you can browse the Written Evidence ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 17 May 2007.


1.  Memorandum submitted by Action for Prisoners' Families

2.  Memorandum submitted by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies

3.  Memorandum submitted by Clinks

4.  Memorandum submitted by the Council of HM Circuit Judges

5.  Memorandum submitted by Simon Creighton

6.  Memorandum submitted by the Criminal Bar Association

7.  Memorandum submitted by the Crown Prosecution Service

8.  Memorandum submitted by The Dialogue Trust

9.  Memorandum submitted by David Faulkner

10.  Memorandum submitted by the Fawcett Society

11.  Memorandum submitted by Dr Loraine Gelsthorpe

12.  Memorandum submitted by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons

13.  Memorandum submitted by the Home Office

14.  Memorandum submitted by The Howard League for Penal Reform

15.  Memorandum submitted by Professor Neil Hutton

16.  Memorandum submitted by the International Centre for Prison Studies (ICPS)

17.  Memorandum submitted by JUSTICE

18.  Memorandum submitted by Paul Kiff

19.  Memorandum submitted by the Ley Community

20.  Memorandum submitted by the Local Government Association

21.  Memorandum submitted by Ben Lyon

22.  Memorandum submitted by The Magistrates' Association: Sentencing Policy & Practice Committee and Judicial Policy & Practice Committee

23.  Memorandum submitted by The Magistrates' Association: Youth Courts Committee

24.  Memorandum submitted by the Mayor of London

25.  Memorandum submitted by Nacro

26.  Memorandum submitted by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)

27.  Memorandum submitted by the New Economics Foundation (nef)

28.  Memorandum submitted by Nicola Padfield

29.  Memorandum submitted by the Parole Board

30.  Memorandum submitted by the Police Federation

31.  Memorandum submitted by The Prince's Trust

32.  Memorandum submitted by the Prison Governors Association

33.  Memorandum submitted by the Prison Reform Trust

34.  Memorandum submitted by Rainer

35.  Memorandum submitted by the Restorative Justice Consortium

36.  Memorandum submitted by Rethinking Crime and Punishment

37.  Memorandum submitted by The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health

38.  Memorandum submitted by John Samuels QC

39.  Memorandum submitted by Serco

40.  Memorandum submitted by SmartJustice

41.  Memorandum submitted by Victims' Voice

42.  Memorandum submitted by Simon Wolfensohn

43.  Memorandum submitted by Dr Martin Wright

44.  Memorandum submitted by the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales (YJB)

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